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Welcome to our web site. 

We are a hardscape contracting company who’s driven by 

a passion for being the best at what we do.

Please have a look around.



Company Profile


Earth Rock and Water L.L.C.

 is the creator of the Southeast’s most appealing selection of 

Water Features, Rock Formations, and Hardscape Elements.


Our techniques for producing our creations

have been refined by over 20 years of experience

in the construction of zoological exhibits,

resorts, and swimming pools throughout the country,

and have given us the ability to build anything

that the imagination can conceive.


With our unique process of molding

natural rock formations and casting with

G.F.R.C. (glass fiber reinforced concrete)

we are able to construct museum quality creations

for your hardscape projects that

conventional stone placement can not achieve.

Anything that can be imagined

can be built.



Contact Information

678-545-1464 0ffice

850-485-2363 Cell

Atlanta, GA